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29th October 2009


Radnevsky’s Real Magic

Date/Time:Wed., October 21, 8:00pm, Every week Saturday from Sat., October 10 until Sun., October 25, 5:00pm, Every week Thursday, Friday, Saturday from Fri., October 9 until Sun., October 25, 8:00pm, Every week Sunday from Sun., October 11 until Sun., October 25, 2:30pm

Price: $20

            The combination of theatre and magic sounds entertaining, original, and this is exactly what the production of Radnevsky’s Real Magic attempts to do, however, it fails to really take that jump into a world and stayed on the superficial level leaving the audience more intrigued by the idea then the event of the play.

            A key piece of what made this show work was the set and sound design. The set was minimal and worked with the idea of a traveling circus and a magic show. The lights were wonderful and took the audience into a place where I felt to be looking into this deeper world of a magic show, behind the scenes. The sound design was also done well and is originally done by Ellen Maddow. Yes the music was the cheesy music that accompanies magicians but when the actors embraced the cheesiness it worked so well and in a way that proved to the audience that this idea could be done and done well.

            To do a type of show like this you need great actors who are great magicians and unfortunately this show lacked both. Although some of the tricks were amazing, like the dream sequence, the other slight of hands were done sloppily and were not executed well.  The actors were good, but lacked the relate ability to the audience. Creating a type of acting technique popular among the interactive rides at Universal Studios, where actors are given very flat characters and focus on special effects.

            The show also lacked fluidity. There was no real plot line to follow and it was more like a series of skits, which someone tried to combine to create a plot without actually thinking it through. It made the actors struggle to find their characters and the audience can see it. They started indicating rather then feeling because the characters lacked depth and development. So when anything plots driven happened, you felt no connection to the emotions and the actors.

            It is worth a see, not to expensive, it is in a great venue and is a fun night out when combined with food and friends, but for theatre seekers. Run away. This show has no “real” magic at all.